Building the “socialize” jquery plugin

GFX9.COM share Building the “socialize” jquery plugin, you can download now.

For this Tuts+ Premium tutorial, we have an hour-long screencast by Karl Swedberg, author of “Learning jQuery 1.3″. He’ll teach you how to create a jQuery plugin that will append social networking icons to your posts.

This tutorial includes a screencast available to Tuts+ Premium members.

Quick Start Guide

Add HTML markup to your page.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Include the jQuery core file and the Socialize plugin in the of your document. After these scripts are referenced, you can reference a custom script file (preferred) to create the social bookmark links or enter the script directly in the (shown below). You should also include the Socialize stylesheet (jquery.socialize.css) before the scripts.


Socialize Plugin API / Options

Displays a list of social bookmark links appended to the matched container element(s).
$.fn.socialize.defaults = {  // default options; override as needed 
  sites: ['delicious', 'digg', 'dzone', 'reddit', 'stumbleupon'], 
  containerId: 'social-icons', 
  containerClass: 'group', 
  linkClass: 'social-icon', 
  insertion: 'appendTo', 
  events: { 
    click: function(event) { }, 
    mouseover: function(event) { } 


Support for the Socialize Plugin is available through the jQuery Mailing List. This is a very active list to which many jQuery developers and users subscribe.

Full Screencast

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