Configuring zend framework to work with a local development environment

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In this tutorial, we will go over how to install and configure the Zend Framework to work with your local development environment. I will be using Wampserver 2.0i on a Windows Vista computer but these steps can be adapted to XAMPP, MAMP, or whatever stack of Apache, PHP, and MySQL that you're using.

Local Development Environment

The first step of course is to ensure that your local development environment whether Wampserver, MAMP, or XAMPP etc. is installed, set up and running and that you can load your localhost with no problems. I assume that you already have this part done since this tutorial is not intended to cover setting up the environment.

Download the Zend Framework

The Zend Framework can be downloaded at You can download the full community server which includes an Apache, MySQL, and PHP stack and the Zend Framework itself and is already configured for you. But if you already have your own development environment all set up you probably don't want to do this, which is the point of this tutorial. We only want the Zend Framework. You can select the Full Package or the Minimal Package depending on your needs. If you don't want to register on the site there are direct download links available at the bottom of the downloads page.

Once you've downloaded the archived file, extract it and place the folder in a location of your choice. I generally prefer to rename the extracted folder and place it in the bin folder of my wamp folder. I have renamed the folder zf and placed it in my bin folder. Wherever you choose to place it, make sure you remember this location as it will be important.

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