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Urban art has fast become the de-facto graphic style for practically all things associated with youth culture. Extreme sports, clothing, and music have all been heavily influenced by its gritty, low-brow appeal. Today's premium tutorial by author Mark Mayers will show you how to re-create a popular style of stencil graffiti art without getting your hands messy or winding up in jail!

Mark is a talented designer and illustrator from the UK. He has worked as a designer and creative director for several design/advertising agencies and specializes in print, branding, packaging, and exhibition graphics. Mark began his career when the tools of the trade were markers, layout pads, and most importantly, the ability to draw, but he embraced the digital revolution in the early 90's and swapped his drawing board for a Mac. Today, Mark freelances from his studio in Cornwall for such clients as American Express, BMW, Future Publishing, IDG Communications and Imagine Publishing. Log in or Join Now to get started!

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