Dissecting jquery – the text method

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In this latest episode of “Dissecting jQuery,” we’ll discuss the text(), as well as a new feature, as of jQuery 1.4, that you may not be aware of yet.

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Full Screencast

jQuery Source for the text Method

text: function( text ) { 
		if ( jQuery.isFunction(text) ) { 
			return this.each(function(i) { 
				var self = jQuery(this); 
				self.text( text.call(this, i, self.text()) ); 
		if ( typeof text !== "object" && text !== undefined ) { 
			return this.empty().append( (this[0] && this[0].ownerDocument || document).createTextNode( text ) ); 
		return jQuery.text( this ); 

Keep in mind that the ability to pass a function to the text() method is only available, via the user of version 1.4 or higher. But that’s no problem; and if you’re still using 1.3, you should really stop! :)

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