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Text effects are a very popular and exciting sub-genre of digital art. In Nature-Inspired Text Effects in Adobe Photoshop, you will learn how to draw inspiration from natural elements to create three distinctively different text effects. 

What You'll Learn

The goal of the course is not only to learn how to achieve text effects with grass, ice and fire, but also to get familiar with the workflow of analyzing a real life effect and then duplicating it in Adobe Photoshop.

Tuts+ instructor Kirk Nelson will take you through the full process for creating each text effect, beginning with some reference photos and then building up the effects step by step.

Here's a free preview of some of the lessons from this course:

Grassy Letterforms

By this stage in the course, you've already looked at some photos of grass, created a background, and started building the effect. In this lesson you'll create the bulk of the grassy text effect. You'll adjust a line of text to have a believable appearance, fill it with the grass pattern, and treat the edges with a special grass brush.

Creating Icy Textures

Once again you will start by creating a background effect to house your textured text. This lesson covers the difference between creating realism and idealism, and also incorporates textures from surprising sources.

Flaming Text Effects

This is the final lesson in the "Fire" section. To cap off your inferno text, you will add some sparks with a custom brush, as well as some creative lighting effects.

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